The Elephant in the Room

American Kleptocracy will vote to affirm White Power

By Han Lee

Via the Senate Majority Leader Website

Fear not, fellow Americans- for you may find some twisted regularity and comfort in the Republican party's fears.

You may rest in the knowledge that in their slavish devotion towards reelection and power, Republican senators will indeed vote to acquit President Donald Trump today.

Allow me first to introduce the jolly group that I will spend some pointless thousands of words lambasting. The Republican, Grand Old Party- a craven cult of hypocrites, not necessarily cowed by fear of the man in the Oval Office (though surely that is present), but by the inevitability of their waning influence upon American society and polity. In acquitting the President, they trade rule of law for just a few... more... years...

At least their messaging finally changed from watery bluster and denials to acceptance of wrongdoing. I'll take the brutal honesty of their choice to acquit regardless of wrongdoing over the banality of their bullshit weeks prior to the vote today.

The GOP is now inextricably entrenched in the language of white, male-centric power.

The cogs of power turn most freely not for those who spend their lives in order to do so, but to those already long entrenched in the lineage of wealth and mandate. Since the formation of this inestimably fragile experiment of country, the white male has long suborned others to his whims.

And to the most recent iterations of white male, why not? Long had it been so. But in the face of demographic shift and the (agonizingly) slow decay of their totality in economy, society, and policy, cosmetic change was attempted to evince the argument towards GOP racial equity. Harken back to the failures of the GOP against Barack Obama and the Democrats in the 2012 election. Such was the belief that white primacy was faltering that GOP politicos urged the party to revamp party branding to be somewhat more accepting of women, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

But the Breitbart types, the Bannons and Conways, the cynical aficionados of petulant white rage, the diet Stormfronts, offered staying power to the status quo. America First was the intellectual framework for a populist political strategy that purged reformists, pushed institutionalists into retirement or servitude, and cemented Trumpian dominance over the now snow white Republican voter base.

This impeachment "trial", the theater of senatorial hemming and hawing, and the laughably obvious inevitability of acquittal is the ritualistic moral sacrifice that Republicans placed upon the altar of their Faustian bargain.

A word, briefly, to the Phyllis Schlafly types donning the costumes of GOP woman senators. I bid you adieu as you fool yourselves into thinking yourselves strong, moral warriors of the Christian right. Your god is the empty sketched outline of a legacy of words and actions brimming with hatred towards minorities. Your American Archdioceses hint wildly at a speculative end-of-days and the need for morality, while its priests are being outed as pedophiles and pederasts in droves. I bid you aideu as not your policy agenda, not your political grandstanding, but your mere existence becomes your sole signifying aspect as incel trolls on the internet meme-ify you in the hopes of "owning the libs".

Once, I pushed for change through political revolution. But the American people have never gotten over a fundamentally capitalist aversion towards the language of the proletariat. Though Trumpian populism fingers that same prole heartbeat, the true political awakening of our fellow workers is something that I have little faith in. Too often we are satisfied by small spurts of activism, only to be sated by the meaningless morsels of dignity tossed down to us by the monolith of wealth and capital. We demand worker equity, we yowl endlessly into the online void about racial justice and social truth, yet we satiate ourselves with the denigration of a few souls that the powerful deign to let us tear apart. I weary of empire and panem et circenses.

I suppose that in the brief spans of our lives under the sun, we will encounter more enraging insurmountabilities than opportunities to completely change clear wrongs.

So let us rely on the sole immutable fact of life- the march of time. Time, and its most pursuant avatar- change.

The primacy of whiteness in our politics will eventually come to an end. Whether in a generation or several, the fact remains that America is rapidly growing more racially and ethnically diverse- a fact reflected in the (far more representative of America's population) House during the 2018 midterms.

Do what you can to affect change. In what little ways we little people can, do, vote, volunteer, proselytize. Today was proof that those in power cling to it. But the nature of tradition is to crumble to the agents of change and time.


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