Vintage POP-UP Party

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

A Collaboration by SKEPTIPOL/POPIC/SVNT980/AP

Write up by Miles Bolton

In Order: Event Flyer, FAB ROC, CGodTheDon, Tre Yung aka Donnie Durag, SVNT980

On Sunday, October 13th musicians, DJs, designers, and dancers came together to put together the Vintage Fashion Party at H0LO in Ridgewood, Queens. Braving a compromising time slot (11pm-4am) performers, designers, and partygoers came out and created a unique scene occupied by creatives from all different mediums (film, music, writing, art, dance, etc) to make the most of the night on the eve of the dreaded quasi holiday Columbus Day, now known as Indigenous Peoples Day in NYC and other cities.

POPIC helped cultivate the atmosphere in H0LO before and during the show, elevating the venue into the next level of immersion and interaction. POPIC performers patrolled the venue, distributing free champagne, PB&J sandwiches, ring pops, and dancing to keep morale high throughout the night! Designers from the fashion brands TGT and YNDY stocked the venue with clothing racks for anyone who needed to cop a change of wardrobe mid show or simply needed to add to their present lineup of vintage wear.

DJs JADALAREIGN, FAB ROC, and Tokio Blond kept the crowd groovin, leading up to and in between sets from rappers CGodTheDon, Tre Yung aka Donnie Durag, as well as the R&B group SVNT980.

You can follow all the featured DJs/musicians on Instagram or their respective websites, links are provided below as well as credits for all the performers involved and upcoming music/events.

Stay tuned for more events from future SKEPTIPOL collaborations as well as projects/events from POPIC, SVNT980, AP, CGodTheDon, Tre Yung, etc. All coverage will be posted on the INFLUENCE page of SKEPTIPOL to help promote local creatives on the come up in their endeavors.

POPIC Dancers (Maddy Sher & Sydney Parker)

POPIC dispensing love throughout the crowd in the form of free ring pops and PB&J sandwiches!

Some Crowd Pics

Credits and Additional Info

Organized by:

  • SVNT980


  • AP




Tre Yung aka Donnie Durag


  • Releasing a new single “7pm with a bud, a buddy, and a brewski” on November 5th






- website:

- IG:

  • Tokio Blond

- IG:


  • Candyman! (John Tabor)

  • Dance/Making Shapes (Maddy Sher and Sydney Parker)

  • PB&J Distribution (Emma Harger)

Featured Brands:

  • TGT

  • YNDY


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