On the Common Decency of Revolution

By Han Lee

I was once a believer in resistance. Resistance is a barricade. It’s a wall, a moat. It’s a thrown together affair. Resistance is the gut reaction, the desperate pushing back against a frightening, inexorable thing. It’s a primal behavior.

I was also once a believer in “The Resistance.” For every silently stunned mourner after the results of our nation’s past election, “The Resistance” soon came to be a catch-all phrase. The Resistance is hash tagged in Democratic party official’s social media accounts. The Resistance has a site, proudly proclaiming its grassroots heritage. Celebrities shout it out at televised gatherings, to raucous applause. ​ But the Resistance never changed anything.

There sits a weak man in the Oval Office, several months in and still the inexcusable dolt. His supporters grow rabid, loud and anxious, slavering over the sudden freedom in which to air out their hatreds and insecurities. The Resistance will never change anything. How could it, when it is, at its very core, a symptom of failure? The worst part is that this failure is entirely our own. This failure belongs to the “decent” folk, the good folk, the tolerant, the kindly, the charitable, the wellwishers of our country. It belongs to you and me. Because we all believe that there’s a certain road in life to be taken. And regardless of your vocation, this belief stems from an unshakable loyalty in a system. You walk a path, and you will be rewarded for your loyalty.

This election, this stupendous failure on our part, was due to belief in a system. Consequently, support of The Resistance is belief in a failed system. The Democratic party, purported champion of the meek and downtrodden, is a key part of this failed system. They, and the mangled machinations of bureaucracy that they represent, peddle the term resistance in order to daze us, confuse us, and bring us back into the fold. They want you to believe that reform via vote is possible, nevermind meaningful. They crave your belief in them, your loyalty, because loyalty through resistance is better than the alternative, revolution.

If resistance is the reaction, revolution is the solution. Revolution promises change. It is the literal action of undergoing, and of affecting, deep, systemic change. Reforming party rules and the electoral system will do nothing. As a whole, these flawed fruits are the product of a poisoned tree. Clipping the rot and shellac-ing the rest only serves to temporarily ameliorate the sickness at hand. Through revolution, we will be able to unearth the whole affair, and reinvigorate the roots below.

Currently, there are those dying while decrying a particularly expansive breed of fascist filth suddenly staining our country. The alt-right, the proud boys, the Oath Keepers- they are emerging due to our mistakes, our failures.

We must not continue on this path.

What is happening in Charlottesville, what has happened in Ferguson, is the result of hopeful inaction. We hope that our likes, our shares, our view counts will serve as a suitable surrogate for direct action. And indeed, whilst living in the confines of a capitalistic society, this cycle of hopeful inaction beings to feed revenue for advertisement, rather than associate itself with any tangible change. ​ How blinded we are! Let us face first an immediate truth: White supremacy and fascism, intermingled as they are in this new American movement of Neo-Nazism, is not only deplorable, it is unacceptable. Nazism is unacceptable. American fascism, thus, must be eliminated swiftly and relentlessly. A second truth: While the individual by individual population of those who lay down and enforce the law are not necessarily bigoted and corrupt, the systems of law in this nation are broken, broken to the point where they currently sway, by their very nature, towards the politically authoritarian right.

We are seeing those who decide to fight the fascist snake come under violent attack. These are the people who understand these truths, and are fighting for our shared future. The law will not help us. It is not helping them. It is up to us, then, to change the inherent nature of the law. Crushing the nascent fascist is an individual responsibility born of common decency. We must engage in discourse among ourselves. We must encourage direct action. Attend rallies, and exercise our right to assemble. Barring the previous existence of such meetings, we must organize them ourselves. We must educate each other in self sufficiency, financial planning, grassroots organizing, and self defense. Only by implementing structures upon ourselves will we be able to be free of confining systems of thought and law, and battle a poisonous ideology spreading swiftly. Fight the fascist! Stand for the future you believe in! ​Only in action will we stand on the side that history will favor!


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