Korean America- Shame On You

To all the complacent Kims, Parks, and Lees

By Han Lee

Student Protesters Taken Prisoner after the Kwangju Massacre.

Hey Korean America- have we already forgotten the recent history of our motherland? Has hallyu really convinced you that South Korea has always been such a bastion of freedom and democracy?

South Korea as we know it today was built on the backs of student protesters. South Korea as we know it today was forged in the fires of a bloody revolution.

Before you roll your eyes and say that if you wanted a fucking lecture you'd have just listened to your uncle's soju laden mumbles, know that I see you on social media during these disturbingly similar times. Most of you I met in church, most of you are dentists and lawyers by now. I see your active and willful ignorance of the revolution in this country. I see you, one dickhead posting photos of the birthday banger you just threw at your new apartment.

To ignore our history, to ignore certain similarities between our history and what is going on now, and to then choose to not participate in the current struggle, is not just betrayal. It is placing a knee on our black brethren just like that white cop in Minneapolis.

This is South Korea only a few decades ago.

This is Korea.

This is motherfucking Korea.

Generations of young folks bought your freedom from one military dictator after another with their lives. Remember Kwangju? You think a fucker like Chun Doo Hwan would let you sip boba tea in Virginia? You think that our motherland would be anything but a tin pot banana republic without revolution?

So now that we're here, why do I keep hearing from you all that these black folks should just follow the rules? How many times do I slip into a Korean bar or overhear casual conversations where you all call black folks 검둥이?

Do you think we're special? Do you sincerely believe in the model minority myth?

I hear a lot of complaints about how Korean American businesses were targeted during the LA Riots, and about us having to defend our own. The finger of blame is tossed at the African American community, without any significant thought as to how this particular scenario transpired.

First off, we moved into cheap real estate right next to growing African American neighborhoods that were cheap because white folks, fearing an encroaching black menace, abandoned those areas.

And guess what? We had to defend our businesses because the police fucking abandoned us. They set a defensive line through the city that straight up ignored our yellow asses.

We are almost white until we're just another enemy. But by clinging to our vain (and honestly racist) aspirations towards being better than the rest of the underclasses we breed division among ourselves. And guess what a racist, white police State wants? Division among the numerous oppressed.

This applies to Asian Americans in general as well. Zoom out from that fucker Chauvin in the process of killing George Floyd and who do you see?

An Asian American.

Do not mistake me for a second. We will be crushed by the State on a motherfucking whim if that's the intent of the white ruling class. Korea is responsible for a global cultural renaissance right now that might make you feel safe, even idolized. But that vaunted culture is the product of revolutionaries who fought and died for you.

If we ignore the struggle of Black America right now, we are spitting on the legacies of those honorable dead. If we ignore the struggle of Black America right now, we become the guardians of systems upon systems that are designed to kill and oppress them.

If we ignore the struggle of Black America right now, we're next.

Get the fuck out there and protest. Put your body on the line and stay there.


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