Our Mission is to convince a skeptical public of our passion for the world through individual projects and media.

Who are we?

SKEPTIPOL is an issue-based, Creator Content website. We bring diverse perspectives from Creators across the world and across disciplines. From environmental sustainability to the political happenings of the day, SKEPTIPOL is committed to sharing the things we care about.

SKEPTIPOL is about making our Creators shine! Creator Content is each diverse perspective that we bring to you in writing, photography and various media.

Our perspectives are diverse because our team hails from different backgrounds- from zoological sciences to sustainable fashion, and from the lab to the kitchen.

How does this work?

Each Creator on our team uses SKEPTIPOL as a forum to focus on what they care about most. Each article from each Creator is a diverse perspective from their field of work or passion.

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We want to create a community. By sharing our stories with our readers, we want them in turn to share theirs with us! Whether through online discourse, opportunities to contribute content, or various other forms of outreach, we believe this will help enrich a burgeoning SKEPTIPOL community.

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