In truth, all INFLUENCE is passion.
We speak our truths to power, and our passions to one another.
But we often find our passions exceeding our grievances with the issues, and we find our truths silenced by power.
In response we create art, and by this act of creation we precipitate passion in its most effective form- collaborative intervention.
That is our INFLUENCE.
Here at INFLUENCE, we understand the frustration of an atmosphere that promulgates theory without practice. We empathize with those who question, and celebrate those who exceed the limits with artistic intervention.
This is a space for the artist you met at work, and for the venue-less raconteur. INFLUENCE is a space for passion to break barriers through art, sound, and design.
So ask yourself this- What’s your passion? What’s your INFLUENCE?




Popic is a collective superhero.
You contribute to her actions and character and become a superhero.

Nothing for right now,

I guess...

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